April 29, 2009
9:00 PM

A guest at SMI took a "moose drive" in the evening after dinner and headed south on Route 30 toward Speculator.  On the return trip, he spotted his quarry, a cow, crossing the road (eastbound) about 4 miles north of the village.

May 10, 2009
6:30 PM

Roxane Gifaldi reports:

My mom and I were on a mother-daughter weekend this past weekend.  We were staying in Inlet, NY and decided to go for a drive shortly after arriving.  We drove up to Raquette Lake on Route 28 and on our way back, a short distance from the entrance to the Eighth Lake campgrounds (past the guardrails as it opens to smooth road), a large moose came from the left side woods and crossed the road!  I am not sure if it was a female or young male.  Didn't see antlers or buttons, so assume it was a female without a calf.  Of course, neither of us could get our camera out fast enough to snap a photo!  But it was our first sighting in the 46 years my mom has been going!   Very exciting! 

October 7, 2009
8:00 AM

Arthur F. Morrison Jr., reports:

My wife and I live in Mayfield, NY.  This morning, my wife had a thrill when she pulled out of our driveway to go to work.  A BIG BULL walked out of the woods up the road to the second driveway and walked up it and behind the house, then into the woods.  As she said, it had a "BIG RACK".

October 12, 2009
8:00 PM

A NY State Trooper stationed at the Tupper Lake Barracks reported that he had been assigned to monitor the movements of a large bull that remained in the same location most of the past two days.  The moose was on route 30 just south of the village where the causeway has water on both sides.  He was browsing all day for water plants and drew large crowds of on lookers.  Needless to say there was a big traffic problem.  Some wayward travelers stopped into the Inn for directions and mentioned that they encountered the "moose delay".  It was their first experience and worth seeing, even though they had taken a wrong turn.

November 1, 2009
9:00 AM

The only visitor that came to the Inn for "trick or treat" last night was dressed as a moose.  It turned out that a juvenile crossed the road and through the parking and into the woods.  These are some of the tracks he left.  No evidence of a cow with him.

Halloween Moose 1     Halloween Moose 2