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Trooper Harper at SP Indian Lake reports seeing a cow and juvenile while on patrol on Route 28 near the Ross Pond trailhead.  It was close to dusk and they were trotting east on the north side of the road.  He stopped to take a picture but did not have time to set the exposure.  The photo shows them entering the woods, but is really too dark to add to this report;  much like in the next  sighting by Rick Perry.


Email from Rick Perry:

We were traveling on Rt. 30 about 3 miles south of Speculator around 12 noon.  The moose was on the shoulder on the east side of Rt. 30.  We pulled over on the right shoulder to watch and get out our camera.  The moose crossed the road and stopped just off the shoulder on the west side of Rt.30.  He was about 15-20 feet from us when he crossed the road.  He went into the woods a few yards and stopped, I got out of the car to take a picture of him and he went futher back into the woods. We probably viewed him for a total of one minute.  I did get one photo of him moving back in the woods but it is difficult to tell it is a moose, you can see a dark object and his legs.  Most people would not find it in the picture unless I told them what was there.  It was a beautiful sight to see and may never happen again. 
The Perry Family
Rotterdam, NY