2004 Archives


Ginny from Canastota, NY writes:

I just came across your website and thought I would send you the attached photo.  It was taken near the Jessup River off of Jessup River Rd. on 11/10/03.  I wear a size 8 boot, so as you can see this was a good size Moose!  We will be back this fall in hopes of seeing something more than a footprint!  In September of 1995 we were fortunate enough to see a large bull Moose crossing Rte 28N, 5 miles east of Long Lake at Fishing Brook about 8:00pm.  Good thing my husband was as the wheel, as his quick thinking and evasive maneuvers kept our car and the Moose from becoming one!  We reported our sighting at Hoss’s Country Store in Long Lake and they felt it was probably the same Moose that was wearing a radio collar and being tracked from Tupper Lake.


Email from The Deuel's:

My wife and I were staying at Lake Durant campground and hiked to Tirrell Pond.  About noon on Sept. 12, 2004 we were at the outlet of the pond deciding if we wanted to have lunch there or continue to the other end and the sandy beach.  We were getting ready to continue when I looked downstream again and the moose was crossing the stream below the outlet.  I grabbed my wife by the shoulders and turned her around and pointed to the moose and said moose.  She saw it before it disappeared into the woods.  She would not have believed there was a moose if she had not seen it herself.

Larry and Dinah Deuel
Dover, PA


Email from Keith Walker:
I just want to report that I came across a bull moose in the Moose River plains area on Sunday morning October 24, 2004.   It was on the south side of the road, just west of the Sly Pond trail, between the road and the river.  It was calmly grazing when I came up on it's back side. I actually thought I was looking at a very large bear (I didn't have binoculars at the time, and the hemlocks made low light visibility).  But holy cow, what a sight when it turned and walked away from me!!  What an awesome animal.  Keep up the nice web site and I feel fortunate to have encountered the beast.  One last comment. When I walked out I told some guys at the nearest campsite about it and they gave me one of those "you must be from New Jersey" type of face.  An hour later, they stopped by my campsite and said it passed within 30 yds of their site and they had actual pictures of it.  They were 35mm and he said he would develop, scan and send them to me.   When I get them, I will forward the pics.
Keith A. Walker
Horseheads, NY

For some reason, 2004 was fairly quiet as far as any sighting or incident reports .  There were a few sightings of a juvenile on Route 30 in the hamlet of Indian Lake that was in a front yard with deer,  eating food put out by the land owner.  This occurred in December and we were informed in January.