It has been uneventful around the area since fall; that is, until today.  There were Moose tracks through our parking lot overnight.  Upon inspection, it was determined that the Moose came down off the south side of Squaw Mountain and crossed Route 30 directly across from the entrance to the Inn parking lot. From the pattern (gallop) of the tracks it was obvious that this moose was in a hurry. It leaped over the two foot high wall at the east end of the lot and crashed down the steep slope heading toward the lake.  At times the tracks were over twenty five feet apart where he was flying through the air.  On the first fly, I thought he disappeared into thin air.  I was amazed at the distance (30') to where I picked them up again and narrowly missing large trees while airborne.

Inn Moose

The white biz card is 3 1/2 inches wide.  The tracks measured 3 inches from the tips of the cloves. This was the clearest track to photograph and was found on the side of the ditch across the road.


Email from Chuck Guere:

Hello good people, well I finally got out in search of moose on April 12th and came very close to a sighting. A friend and I canoed on the Jessup River from Rte 30 to the first bridge near Perkins Clearing and back. A little more than half way to the turn around we heard some crashing around the river bend and when we finally got there we saw fresh tracks, droppings and beds (complete with hair) in the snow. It looked like 2 moose and they were both adults based on the huge tracks. My friend took some pictures but unfortunately the Jessup River swallowed his camera somewhere on the way back!  I did take some video and extracted this still photo.  Big moose, huh!  Most likely a bull.

Guere Tracks


Two adult moose were observed the past couple of days in the same area along Route 30 near the bog just north of Deerfoot lodge (Speculator).  Sightings were around 8 AM and 1 PM.  Many people were able to take photos.
(NOTE:  These might be the same moose that Chuck (above) came upon.)


We left the Inn and headed to Speculator about 7 PM.  Upon crossing the Jessup River we spotted the cow and and her calf that have been seen in this same spot since November.  They were stripping tree bark.  The cow did not look like she had bred last fall, so the calf will most likely stay with her awhile longer.  They did not seem to be overly concerned about us as we watched from our car.  Then the cow slowly walked right out to the tree line (about 25 feet away) and glanced in our direction.  I noticed her hackles go up slightly, so our presence was beginning to stress her.  We had watched them for about 15 minutes and decided to leave since an RV stopped to have a look also.


Guests at the Inn were on the way to the spring opening of the Adirondack Museum in Blue Mountain Lake this morning when they saw a moose standing in the shallow water at the south end of Lake Durant.