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January has come and gone and not any mention of sightings from anyone.  Snowmobile activity has been moderate this season, however. The popularity of the trails in the Moose River Plains Recreation Area should produce some sightings even though Moose are not as active this time of year.

Jeff Nadler reports:  The Newcomb area seemed even hotter than Speculator last year.  Several business owners and friends of mine with camps have consistently seen moose along Route 28N and the Tahawus Road.

"Moose" Anderson discovered some young adult tracks along side of Rt. 30 about 100 yards south of the Inn.  I went to take a look and saw where the animal crossed the highway at Griffin Road and headed up toward Squaw Mountain.

Customers passed on reports of several people seeing two moose at the intersection of Rts. 30 and 8 (the four corners) in Speculator over the past weekend.  So, maybe they are on the move.  Spring came very late this year and with the lack of rain in April, the food supply for forest animals is not adequate.  This could indicate a lot of bear visits looking for BBQ like the summer of 1999.  Almost identical conditions unless we get some rain.

About a half mile south of the Inn there is a sand pit on the west side of the road.  About 6 pm, a mature bull moose strolled out of the woods and crossed the road heading toward the lake.  The workmen had just turned off a log splitter when they heard him coming through the woods.
Needless to say, it was an awesome experience for the local men seeing a moose for the first time.
This is the beginning of the rutting season when bull moose are on the move looking for mates.

There were several reports through the fall of local people seeing a moose in and around the Hamlet of Indian Lake, however, they were long after the fact.